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So, when you're wondering "Am I ready for a relationship? Deciding if you're finally ready to love someone new is never easy — no one wants to get their heart broken again, and love is risky. Even if you're feeling more secure in yourself and you feel like you've thoroughly moved on from your last relationship, it can be scary jumping back in to a new relationship. We asked experts to clue us into the signs, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that reveal someone loves himself or herself enough to sustain a relationship.

And once you read their relationship advice, the point is not that you need to fulfill all the points on this list no one is that perfect! Here are 25 signs you're ready for a relationship, to share and accept the love it brings:. You know you're ready for a relationship when you don't need a relationship to feel happy and worthy, when you want a relationship to share your love rather than to get love, when loving yourself and sharing your love is more important to you than having control over getting love.

When you want a relationship to deepen your growth rather than to fill your emptiness, you are ready. Men and women are ready for love when they realize they deserve to receive unconditional love from a partner.

I’m Not Ready To Fall In Love

The only person who can complete you is The way to do that is to realize that there is nothing wrong with you; you are not broken, you don't need to be fixed. The truth of love is found in self-acceptance, and in shining the light of love on those dark places inside of us. You're not afraid to be alone — and in silence, even.

You like spending time alone and don't need the television to be on or the phone to be glued to your head. You can be with just yourself. One is ready to manifest healthy, lasting love when they truly abandon the wish that another can "save" or "heal" them. Self-acceptance and self-love are markers that one is fully ready for intimacy.

This state of being allows one to be open to both giving and receiving love in a pure, authentic way — unburdened by notions of healing wounds from the past. When you understand who you are — as a human, in relation to God or your spirituality — and when you are able to consider the "other" without compromising or obsessing about "me," you are setting yourself up to live a healthy, beautiful relationship.

People are ready for love when they don't have a rigid set of expectations and a laundry list of must-haves and deal breakers. They simply want to find someone wonderful to love and share their life with. If you can say "I am OK without a relationship," then you're ready for one! You're OK being single — not in a resigned or defeated way. It's more about one have a deep knowing of who you are, your purpose and that while you desire love, you won't allow yourself to be miserable while you're single. The old adage is true: the person who is most ready for love is she who has stopped actively pursuing it.

Instead, she has been concentrating on developing her own skills, passions, and happiness.

27 Songs About Love That Make You Want To Fall Again

A confident, grounded and interesting person is extremely appealing. Someone is ready for love when they want it but don't need it. That's the absolute best place to be: wanting a relationship, believing it would be great, but not needing it for your happiness. Being truly happy without it is often the fastest way to bring it about. Notice the next time you see your reflection.

click No matter what you might be wearing or if it is a good hair day or not, is the reflection you catch a glimpse of is one that makes you smile? When you catch yourself smiling more than making comments, excuses, or judgment, then you know you accept yourself unconditionally — and are ready to do the same for another, too. You know that you're a vibrational match for your real-deal Beloved when you move through your day with access to your own orgasmic energy, whether or not you have a partner.

So, if you are dating someone, and you fall head over heels for someone else, you can end things a little more quickly and easily. But, of course there will most likely be some headaches and heartaches to deal with. If you are renting a house or an apartment, and you come across the house of your dreams, you are probably not going to find it is the perfect timing.

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Maybe you will have to try and end your lease early. Or maybe you will have to continue paying your rent until the lease ends. But these are not huge issues in the grand scheme of things.

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You are in better position to go after the house of your dreams, than someone who is married to a house they already own. A lot of people look at being single as undesirable. Even more so if you are living at home still with your parents. Whatever…if someone is truly a soulmate, they should be totally cool with you being a cellar dwellar!

What if the timing isn’t right?

As unimpressive as this scenario sounds to some people, this is the best scenario to be able to act upon finding your dream home. You have nothing to sell, and no lease to worry about. This is as good and easy as it gets. Things happen in life. Life throws curveballs. People grow apart. People make mistakes.

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People split up. People hurt each other. But it might affect you being able to get it. It depends on a lot of factors. It usually starts off as some wishful thinking. Then it progresses to flirting with possibilities, perhaps. Before you know it, there you are…in love with the house of your dreams. And it is absolutely heartbreaking.