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Must be an apt comparison. I told myself an hour ago that I was swearing off the purple stuff. Dear god.

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    Casual Member. Oct 3, NL, CA. Well, they got me. I liked Dreams Of Kadath, so why not take a chance? He would travel constantly, but as the story begins Carter is 30 and has been unable to get to the dreams that he once had. He starts to dream again and has a dream about his grandfather who tells him to go back to his childhood home, and look for a box in the attic.


    He goes and finds a box with arabesque designs. His dreams become more vivid and more reminiscent to what they once were. He goes to the place of his childhood, and there he goes into a crevice, holding the key.

    He then enters a dream state. The story ends how Carter, beginning at the age of ten, when he found the crevice, knew glimpses of the future that he could not possibly know. We also find that a narrator has been telling us this story, a narrator who is a king of a city that he hopes to see Carter in one day. So there you have it! The origin stories of Kuranes and Carter!

    Take youth for example. There is a romanticizing of what it means to be young in both of these stories. The innocence, the ignorance. I would be interested in researching this and finding out where it actually stems from , where the child could see or interact with the supernatural element, but the parent could not. Seemingly because of the lost innocence, and lost open mindedness. The stories deal with this in two different ways:. Celephais is a lamentation of the innocence. The Silver Key is an effort to spurn the vagaries of everyday life and get back the mystical nature of youth.

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    In fact Carter actually goes back in time and becomes himself as a 10 year old, to re-establish those experiences and memories. But then, like with many of us, life happens. You grow up. You have responsibilities that take away time and energy from the mysteries of life, making it easy to become bitter, hardened, or ignorant of the fantasy that can be apparent in life. Latest posts by Jenny Ertel see all Honey Blood, vols.

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