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Pages: Pub Date: Softcover: Previously, Mr. When he is not writing, Tom Xavier directs the nationally recognized Songs of Hope global music project for young artists aged 9 to All books by this author. Our books. Help us pick the cover designs for our new books:. The Forum currently has over ninety authors trading tips, sharing marketing secrets and offering advice and encouragement. Full Name Email Address What kind of author are you? First time author Repeat author Agented author I wish to receive email newsletters from Koehler Books.

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When I do read fantasy, I seem to need it to be convincing on at least some level. This book partly succeeded at that. The believability of the characters, the history of the wars and schisms between the various societies, the use of dreams as weapons, the imminent danger in some situations were elements which I found convincing enough and interesting enough to hold my attention Some of the motivations historical personal animosities for instance were not. Although I am not much of a reader of fantasy, I know a great many people are exactly the opposite. It is hard for me to try to judge what effect any given element of the book will have on those who are afficiandos of the genre.

But that is just a guess.

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What I can say, is that the writing is very good. And the story-telling seems to me to be good. I was unable to access the internet site which is apparently a large part of the experience because I read the book on a Kindle which is not interactive.

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Apr 01, Tina Smith rated it it was ok. I thank the author as I was given this book for a review in group 9. Okay, Duggan is a fourteeny year old forest dwelling girl. She and her friends like to swear if not in sweet cartoony language i. They all come from good families — except Zagger - who is an orphan not much at all is said about him, though he is always present.

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I was not the intended age group for this book. But still I tried to warm to it and even tried to enjoy it, but alas I came up underwhelmed.

Dark Faerie Dreams

I was intrigued by the possibility of images in the book that link to a website for the book, but they were partial pieces of characters sides of heads, legs, backs of cloaks the result was so that I did feel like I was peeking through a spy hole into their world, but to very little enjoyment.

The activity of clicking on the links was something I feel readers would potentially look forward to, but again I was underwhelmed by the end result as a website showed incomplete character synopses and yet again no pictures or puzzle like pieces of heads? I wanted a bit of romance, I received none, and the only hint at Duggan crushing on a much older male wizard was all I was given to motivate me to read, his best description involves that he has twinkling blue eyes.

Character description was thin on the ground I like a lot of character detail and depth. There is no element of suspense. The ending was expected spoiler the fairy is saved and the curse on the troll families is lifted , but no mention is made again of the children left to tend to the stone families. The use of another language that is made up for the book was grating by the finish, as it is used for spells repeatedly in the same paragraphs and not even the main characters fully understand the language. Zagger is revealed as slightly bad, though that was obvious the whole way and again I was underwhelmed by the revelation, as it seems are the characters, who all seem very one dimensional.

Duggan is supposed to have been changed somewhat by the experience. It lacked emotional development and I had no urge to go on reading, I really could have left it at absolutely any point with no regret. It all wraps up but apparently the evil Fairy king is still wreaking havoc and they must be careful, though this part of the adventure is over. There was room left for a sequel. Apr 23, Enrico Antiporda rated it really liked it. This book is YA fantasy-adventure novel set in the imaginary land of Cowgrass, where dwarf-like creatures called Woodsy Trolls inhabit the hills and forests.

The story opens with our precocious heroine Duggan McDuggan, barely eight years old, pressing an old Storyteller to tell her about the ancient, long forgotten, and sometimes forbidden customs of the Woodsy Troll and the enchanted land of Eshmagick. Even at an early age, Duggan is a history buff, fascinated by the old ways of her people.

Fla This book is YA fantasy-adventure novel set in the imaginary land of Cowgrass, where dwarf-like creatures called Woodsy Trolls inhabit the hills and forests. Flash-forward six years later, Duggan and her pals Lambrell and Zagger are drawing close to their passage into adulthood in troll-world, age fourteen. They want to engage in a big quest by capturing a faerie that would guide them in their adventure trek into the darkest forest of Esmagick like the ancient toddles used to do as a rite of passage. But there is a catch: capturing a faerie is forbidden in Woodsy Troll land, an act that would bring a terrible curse upon those who did it.

But Duggan and her friends are Toddles, and like any other tweeny, sometimes engage in daring, stupid deeds remember when we were kids and did all those dumb things? So the three friends capture a faerie and a curse is immediately brought upon their families. As their parents and siblings slowly turn to stone, the three must now travel far and wide to find a way to reverse the curse. And this, in essence, is their big quest, ie. In their quest, they are placed in a variety of dicey situations, engaging them with an assortment of amazing beings from the destructive humans of Devonwicke who almost mobbed them to death, to Wood-wraiths, Buzz-faeries, wizards, and witches, etc.

The storytelling is engaging and kept this reader turning the pages. The pacing is good and the fantastic worlds the author took us to are quite imaginative. This is the reason we read fantasy novels, right? I loved Duggan's narrative voice which is YA perfect, sympathetic, and relatable.

In line with this, the author did a terrific job creating the world of the Woodsy Troll and its vernacular. I liked the Woodsy Troll back stories as much as the quest itself as they build upon the characters of Duggan and friends. The only criticisms I have is the authorial intrusion of having the reader click on links that supposedly enhance the reader's experience, which annoyingly took me out of the story.

The book stands on its own without this gimmick. At times, Duggan is much too passive and often lets Zagger take the lead. Duggan is the protagonist. Ideas to advance their journey and the leadership role should come from her, not Zagger. After all, it is her story we are following.

Overall, a good book both young adults and adults will enjoy. Four bold stars for this YA fantasy-adventure novel. Kolina Cicero rated it it was amazing Jan 08, K rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Letizia Musto rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Kiara Sims marked it as to-read Jan 06, Candis marked it as to-read Jan 11, This Was Our Pact. Dragon Moon Dragonkeeper Series : Book 3. Princess Smartypants. Tikki Tikki Tembo.

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