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According to Linda Hutcheon, adaptations generally show their origins and have to determine the relationship between original texts and themselves openly.

Sanders Creators of Elementary do reveal their sources, but since paratexts usually…. The principle of the case is to retrieve a picture from a woman named Irene Adler, whom the king had romantic relations with previously. Unfortunately, Holmes was not successful. Although Holmes is a great detective, he allows himself to be careless. As a result, he fails to retrieve the picture and be fooled by the suspect, Adler.

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes | Study Guide

Words: - Pages: 6. The storyline of A Scandal in Bohemia is also reprised for the opening part of A Scandal in Belgravia , the first episode in the second series of Sherlock. Since the Sign of Four, Watson has moved out of their shared rooms, having married Mary Morstan, the client of the previous adventure. Watson though finds that Holmes has kept himself occupied with a series of cases, and a letter from another prospective client promises another case is soon to be on hand; and Watson is soon drawn into the case.

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The king is engaged to be married, but previously the king had had a relationship with an American opera singer called Irene Adler. The possibility of the relationship being revealed, and the ensuing scandal, is threatening the forthcoming marriage. Adler it seems has threatened to send a photograph of her and the king together to the press. Previous attempts to retrieve the photo, including burglary, have failed to locate the photo, and so as a last resort the king wishes to hire Holmes to retrieve it.

Holmes sets to work immediately and having visited the home of Irene Adler, in disguise, that the singer is now in a relationship with a gentleman by the name of Godfrey Norton. It is a serious relationship, and Holmes sees the pair being married in the Church of Saint Monica; indeed Holmes has to act as witness for the marriage. A fact fight is organised, and Holmes makes it seem that he has been injured whilst protecting the American singer.

Of course, the injured clergyman is taken into the home to recover, and then through an open window, Watson tosses a smoke bomb.

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  6. Events subsequently are told to Watson by Holmes as the pair travel back to Baker Street. At the possibility of a fire raging through her house, Irene Adler had moved to the photographs hiding place. So Holmes now knew that the photo was behind a sliding panel, but at the time he could not gain possession of it. The next day, Holmes, Watson and the King of Bohemia make their way to the home of Irene Adler, but find that the lady has already departed, along with her new husband, to somewhere overseas. The hiding place is opened but the photo of the king and Irene Adler are not there; in its place is another photo, just of Adler herself, and also a letter for Sherlock Holmes.

    Irene Adler explains how it was she in disguise who had wished Holmes goodnight the previous evening. Adler had realised that she had unwittingly revealed the hiding place of the photo the previous day, and so had followed the clergyman to find out the consequences. It is also apparent that that the king still finds Adler intriguing, and only wishes that she was of his class. Holmes refuses any further payment for the job, and simply asks the king for the photo that Irene Adler left behind.

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    4. Having married Mary, Watson was no longer a resident of B Baker Street, but having been to see one of his patients, Watson found his return journey traversing Baker Street, and decided it was an opportune time to visit with his old friend. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Good work, just like all your Sherlock Holmes articles. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

      Holmes doesn't seem all that psyched to see Watson, but Watson thinks he's glad anyway. Holmes comments that Watson's looking good; he's put on weight. Watson gets kind of defensive, but Holmes isn't kidding: "'I think, Watson, that you have put on seven and a half pounds since I saw you'" Bohemia.

      He also comments that Watson's working again as a doctor. Holmes uses the words "'into harness'" [Bohemia. Watson was an army doctor in Afghanistan during the Second Afghan War from before he came back to London and became roomies with the great detective in the first Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet. Watson couldn't practice as a doctor at the time because of health issues from a leg wound from the war, but in this story, set several years after the first book, Watson appears to have gone back to treating people in private practice.

      Watson asks how Holmes knows all these details; Holmes says he observes it from Watson's appearance, just as he sees that Watson's been getting soaked lately and that his servant girl is clumsy. Watson is all, "What?! He did get wet on a country walk that Thursday; and his servant girl, Mary Jane, is so terrible that his wife has fired her.

      But how can Holmes have guessed? Holmes laughs and answers. He tells Watson his left shoe has six almost-parallel cuts caused by the hands of someone awkwardly trying to scrape mud from the sole—hence, the walk in wet weather and the clumsy Mary Jane. Also, he smells like iodoform a disinfectant and nitrate of silver a treatment for eye infections and gonorrhea , and his hat has a bulge from where Watson's carrying his stethoscope.

      In Holmes's mind, he would have to be an idiot not to know that Watson's a practicing doctor. After Holmes describes his creative process, Watson expresses amazement: his eyes are as good as Holmes's, and Holmes's deductions seem obvious after they've been described; yet Watson can never seem to recreate Holmes's method on his own. Holmes says and we paraphrase "Well, how many times have you gone up the stairs to this apartment?

      Holmes replies that this is proof of the difference between the two men: Watson has seen the stairs, but Holmes has observed them. And there are seventeen steps, by the way. Holmes has received an undated, unsigned letter informing him that someone's going to come at —possibly with a mask on. The two guys brainstorm about who the author of the note could be. He's got to be a rich and b German the paper itself is from Bohemia, which used to be part of the Austrian empire and is now the greater part of the Czech Republic.

      The obvious wealth of the visitor's carriage, or "brougham," as he pulls up to Baker Street proves Watson's point that he's probably got a lot of cash: his pair of horses are worth a cool guineas each. A guinea was worth 1. That'd make the amount So it makes sense that Holmes is all excited about how much money is probably going to come out of this case.

      In comes the visitor. He's 6'6", dressed richly almost too rich to be tasteful, comments Watson reprovingly , and "appears to be a man of strong character" Bohemia. In other words, he looks stubborn and tough.

      Summary Of ' A Scandal Of Bohemia ' By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

      The guy announces himself in a thick German accent. He says his name is Count von Kramm and that he has a story to tell them—one that absolutely must stay a secret. He also asks that Holmes and Watson excuse his mask. The Count's being employed by an important person who doesn't want the great detective to trace his identity. In fact, the Count acknowledges, his own name von Kramm is made up.

      Masks, however, are no match for Sherlock Holmes! The "Count," now king, throws off his mask.

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      He says that he shouldn't have bothered trying to hide, but he's in an extremely delicate position that he has to deal with himself The king's problem is this: five years before, during a visit to Warsaw now capital of Poland, then under Russian control , he met a pretty lady and "adventurer" named Irene Adler.

      As a side note, Holmes inserts some info on her, taken from his own records on notable persons: Adler was born in New Jersey in , sings contralto, has retired from the opera, and now lives in London. The king is freaked out because he needs to recover some sexy-times letters he wrote to her before it gets out that the two had a fling. But that's not the worst piece of evidence against him: he also allowed himself to be photographed with her, thus proving their affair. The king's tried hiring people to burgle her house, take her luggage during her travels, and hold her up directly, but he still hasn't been able to get the photograph back.

      He needs it because he's engaged to the daughter of the king of Scandinavia, who's strict about conduct and wouldn't be pleased to hear about the king's earlier indiscretions. Adler herself has threatened to send the photograph because she doesn't want the king to marry another woman. She has warned him that she will give the picture to his betrothed on the day when their engagement becomes public—a. And now, for music to Holmes's ears: the king tells Holmes that money is no object, and he hands over three hundred pounds in gold and seven hundred in bills.

      The king provides Adler's address in London and confirms that the photograph was " a cabinet ," a type popular for portraits in the s and 80s, of around postcard size. The king departs in his carriage, and Watson takes off to return at PM the following day. Part 2 Watson turns up right on time at Baker Street the next day, but Holmes is out.

      According to his landlady, Holmes left the house just after eight that morning. As Watson settles in to wait, he mentions that he hadn't even considered the possibility that Holmes would fail; he's just waiting for the pleasure of seeing how Holmes will close the case.